20 Ideas to make your Mum feel special this Mothers Day | Sunday 13th of May

Posted by Heidi Greenslade on 30th Apr 2018

20 ideas to make your Mum feel special this Mothers Day | Sunday 13th of May


Mother’s day is fast approaching so we thought would come up with a list of ideas to make your Mum (or Mother figure) feel special this Mother’s Day.

So here are 20 ideas.

  1. Make your Mum her favourite Breakfast in bed. You could add a little posy of flowers on the tray for a special touch.


2. Write your Mum a letter letting her know all the things you really appreciate that they have done/ do for you.

3. If they work and you live in the same household why not make their lunch (you could add the note in her lunch box and add a few treats...or

4. Meet your Mum for lunch and take her shopping

5. Hugs and kisses and let her know how much you love her.

6. Surprise your Mum with a delivery of Flowers or personally deliver them.


7. Make your Mum a handmade Vase or pot to go with that bunch of Flowers.

8. Make your Mum a Voucher book that she can use when she likes. Ideas for the Vouchers could be…

*Have a relaxing bath while I cook the dinner (could even set up candles and give her some nice smelling body wash/ face mask to relax)

*Dessert date with Dad while you clean

* Vaccuuming

*Night off fold washing etc

The idea being to give Mum a break from household chores.

9. Make your Mum a yummy picnic and take her out to her favourite spot (could even take her fav Wine and Cheese)

10. Make your Mum her favourite cake.

11. Surprise your Mum with a gift basket filled with her favourite Chocolates


12. Take you Mum out to dinner and have flowers delivered in advance to the table as a surprise (make sure you make dinner reservations early in the week).

13. Make your Mum a photo book with memories you treasure together.

14.Take your Mum on a pamper day, Beauty Salon, Nails, the works….or organise and book for her to go to a spa day with you or her best friend.

15.Younger kids could paint their Mum a ceramic Mug, or paint a painting which could be framed.

16. Handmake a Card with some thoughtful words letting your Mum know how much you love and appreciate her to go with some beautiful Floral soap and handcream. http://www.amaryllisforflowers.co.nz/floral-soap-and-hand-cream/

17. Buy your Mum a locket and put your photo/ photos inside. Or send some jewellry with a bunch of flowers.

18. Buy your Mum some of her favourite plants and help her with her gardening. If she loves gardening you could add a new pair of gardening gloves.



19. Pay for a cleaner to give your Mum the day off while you take her out to the movies.

20. Send your Mum or deliver in person a beautiful Rose arranged in a Teacup that she can use for Tea afterwards. You could buy a few specialty teas and a nice tea pot too.


So there’s our 20 ideas! We hope you enjoyed the read and got an idea for your Mum (or 2), but whatever you do, treating your Mum with kindness and giving her the gift of your time is what any Mum would adore and adding a personally written card to any of the ideas above would absolutely go down a treat.

For more ideas follow the link below for our Mothers Day section on our website.