Why do we give ROSES on Valentines Day?

Posted by Heidi Greenslade on 11th Feb 2018



                  Victorians began this tradition called ‘Floriography’....

For absolute Centuries, Flowers have symbolized fertility, love, marriage and romance so it’s no secret by now you’ve most likely noticed a strong link between RED ROSES and Cupid, making this classic bloom the most obvious choice - but have you ever wondered why do we give RED ROSES on Valentines day in the first place?

The history behind giving your LOVE flowers on Valentines day comes from the old fashioned custom of sending floral bouquets to pass on non-verbal messages. This sweet tradition first came about in the 18th Century by Charles II of Sweden where each flower had a specific meaning attached to it, making it possible to have an entire conversation using only flowers! How amazing is that!

Even the colour and how the flowers were arranged held significance and according to Florigraphy the RED ROSE is said to be an expression of passion or true love, hence its association with Valentines Day. A Pink rose would communicate warm affection, and Yellow roses are linked with joy, friendship and new beginnings.

To this day ROSES remain one of the major symbols of VALENTINES DAY, but whether you prefer ROSES or not we’ve got you covered with a variety of options sure to put a smile on your loved ones dile.

ROSES - a Valentines Classic

Amaryllis for Flowers offers a selection of rose choices to send to your loved one this Valentines day 14th of February

  • A Single Red Rose (wrapped) from $18.50
  • Boxed Single Red Rose
  • Pink Passion Roses
  • Premium Red Roses
  • Spray Roses in Vintage Vase
  • Sweet Romance (pretty pastel bouquet of Roses)

CHOCOLATES - from $19

  • Box of Bennetts of Maungawai premium quality Chocolates
  • Chocolate Lovers Basket, a yummy selection of some classic favourites

SWEETHEART BOUQUET - Send your CRUSH this mixed Bouquet of Pink Oriental Lillies, Gerberas and Roses from Amaryllis for Flowers this Valentines day to find out if Cupids Arrow has struck, and if he/she feels the same about you! For more ideas go to: http://www.amaryllisforflowers.co.nz/categories/Valentines-Day/

MASON JAR POSY - Use Valentines Day as an opportunity to remind your Mum/ Dad/ Grandparents or single Sister/ Brother that you love them and are thinking about them with this beautiful POSY or something similar contained in a Vintage style Mason Jar.’

BRIGHT MIXED BOUQUET - Single or not, remind your friend how fabulous he/she is this Valentines Day and how much you treasure your friendship by sending this stunning Bright Bouquet of mixed flowers.


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