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Pastel Wreath

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This is a beautiful piece to send to the service as a tribute for someone who has passed away. We will arrange beautiful pastel coloured fresh blooms into floral oasis- all in water, into a ring shape.

We want to create the perfect wreath so please feel free to call and discuss your requirements with one of our florists. It is a good idea to order a couple of days ahead to ensure we can include all the special flowers that you would like.

Your tribute is made to order by our wonderful Amaryllis For Flowers team, who are sincere about their work and fill their orders with love and adoration. We pay alot of attention to the details- right down to matching ribbons and accessories for your overall look. 

Available in 3 sizes. Medium size pictured.  Size increases with price. We will create your arrangement to value.

Small $120

Medium $180

Large $250